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Commercial Parking Lots



Let us revitalize your parking lot with:

  • Hot water surface cleaning
  • Oil Stain Removal
  • Gum Removal
  • Striping or Re-Striping


Professional Pressure Washing


Licensed & Insured | Commercial & Residential


House Washing:  Utilizing industry standard soft-washing techniques with high quality surfactants and sodium hypochlorite. We take extra steps to ensure your home is not damaged. Before getting started, a visual inspection is done to identify any problem areas such as loose lighting fixtures or improper door jam seal. Before power washing around sensitive landscaping, plants and surrounding areas are saturated with fresh water, then after power washing is complete we rinse the plants with fresh water again. Don’t damage your home. Let us do it right the first time.


Roof Washing: We utilize a low pressure cleaning systems designed specifically to apply roof cleaning chemicals to your roof. DO NOT let someone clean your roof with high pressure. It will damage the shingles or other building materials.


Deck & Fence Washing: Most people use bleach to clean wood, but it can damage the wood fibers and dull the wood if not neutralized. Bleach has an alkaline PH while wood is slightly acidic. Let us do it the right way by using sodium percarbonate.


Concrete Washing: No one likes streaks in their parking lots or driveways from pressure washing, especially when you’re paying for it. We use oscillating surface cleaners to wash parking lots and driveways. When necessary we may make two, or even three passes to prevent heavy streaking.


Pressure washing is an extremely versatile process. If you have a special need not listed here, please contact us to discuss your unique needs and we will be happy to develop a solution with you.


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House Washing

Utilizing industry standard soft washing techniques.

Roof Washing

Low pressure cleaning systems.

Concrete Cleaning

Driveways, Parking Lots, & More.

Wood Cleaning

Decks, Fences, & More.

Gutter Cleaning

Quality gutter cleaning services.

Specials this month

House Wash

$179 Single Story $259 Double Story *up to 2,000sqft, .10c per sqft after.

Driveway Special

$99 Driveway Cleaning *up to 1500sqft, .10c per sqft after

Non Profit Discount

Not for profit organizations such as churches & family shelters will automatically qualify for 20% discount off of any regular priced services

Senior Discount

10% off of any regular priced services for seniors 65 & up.

Free Patio Cleaning

Free patio cleaning with purchase of house wash & driveway cleaning.

$10 Cash Reward

$10 cash reward for any referral. Redeemed instantly via PayPal or Venmo!